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Peavey 5150
5 36%
Marshall JCM 900
9 64%
Voters: 14.
I might get a Marshall JCM 900 head and cab from ebay for 600 bucks but to do it i need to trade in my Peavey 5150 and a Marshall AVT 4x12
whats the best plan to go with...stick with the Peavey or get the marshall?

To get an idea of the sound im going for check my bands myspace
(in my sig)
thank you all!
it doesnt get much better than the 5150, i wouldn't give that up

*EDIT* try and get the 5150 cab
i would go 4 peavey,i'm not really into marshall....they always sound the same
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They're both different beasts IMHO. If you're doing a lot of drop tunings and such, stick with the Peavey. It'll retain more definition. If you're looking for a JCM 800 tone, you're probably not going to find it there.
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For the screamo stuff a 5150 or 6505 is really hard to beat. If your looking to spend money I would get a better cab, avatar make some nice ones that are just as good as the marshall and are half the price, or you can go used.
The marshall Dsl/Tsl will sound way differnt the amp your are using now, it will have more midragey and more rocky type tone, good sound if thats what your looking for.
I'd stick with the 5150 until you can afford a Mesa......Btw thats really cool you guys are a Christian band, you guys are pretty good you could do without the screaming but thats personally preference right. Well keep up the good work and let me know if you guys put out a CD I'm definately interested.
osiris thanks for the support man!
weve only been together for like 3 months so our current recordings are old and crappy and we are recording a new demo in april!
so keep checkin the myspace for updates and whatnot!
thanks man