right ive got an oldfield musicman bass and while im savin up for a bass amp
i play it through a marshall vs65r valvestate guitar amp

will playin my bass through it at a LOW volume damage my amp?
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i would think soo....
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i pluged my brothers bass to my stack(berhinger 400 watt cab) an it didnt give me any problems, but im sure they make a bass amp for a reason. be careful
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the bass's frequencies are normlly too much for a guitar amp, you could completely blow your guitar amp
From what I've heard, it could be dangerous for the speaker since bass uses much lower frequencies than an electric guitar.

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I guess it might damage the amp if you use it for a long period of time, but I use my bass with a guitar amp and it's fine.
Its risky. Even at low volumes the speaker excursion (how far the cone has to travel) to reproduce the lower bass frequencies may be too much for the guitar speaker, as they are made to handle higher frequences and thus are not made for extreme speaker excursion. Hit one note just a little too hard and you may knock the voice coil out of alignment or even tear the paper cone.
Guitar amps are built to handle a much narrower band of frequencies that what bass puts out, may overload it. Also the fact youll probably screw up your speaker.

So yeah not worth it.
you'll be ok.....ma friend uses his little Vox Pathfinder to practice if he needs to and has been doin so for years playing slap bass and all sorts. As long as you dont play loud cause the issue is you'll burst the speaker out.
I think it'll be alright, cuz my bro uses my old behringer gmx212 turned up to 7 and its just fine.