` I practice guitar at least 2 hours a day and I constantly work on my grip at school with my gripmaster, so my left hand is getting pretty fast.

The problem is that my right hand isnt fast enough to keep up with my left hand. Please recommend me some exercises to improve my speed as well as a way to practice when I Dont have a guitar near.

as far as speed goes, a metronome is the way to go........it's pretty much just a painful process and will test your desire to be good at guitar........as far as practice while your guitars not around, i would use that time for theory, learn every note on the fretboard, make flash cards of scales and just relentlessly go through them. then apply knowledge when your guitar is around
Kinda hard to do without a guitar to practice on.
It's like playing baseball...but without the ball.


It all goes back to the basics. Try playing up and down scales very slowly and pick carefully, trying to sync your right hand with your left hand as precisely as possible, but with as little tension and movement in your right hand as you can manage.
Technique wise, try not to move your whole wrist when picking, but instead, hold the pick a little lighter and use your fingers (or thumb, actually) to move the pick up and down.
When I was taught that, it improved my playing ability pretty significantly.

As boring as it may be, it's not really about being creative either, so just focus on the syncing of the hands as you run through the scales. The more you feel like they are moving "as one" the faster you can practice syncing them.
Then, during regular playing, or even when just messing around on the guitar, you should find that your right hand will be keeping up a lot better.

Remember, start slowly with both hands, instead of training one or the other.
I had the exact same problem, so hopefully this will work for you as well.

I also support sowhat360's ideas and the idea of getting a metronome.

Good luck.
good idea is to constantly move each individual finger while sitting down (piano style) not great, but helps quite a lot to loosen your fingers up