Looks about right to be, to be honest. Even the small print sounds decent, so if it is a scam, chances are he's doing it wrong by selling locally.
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Oooo, that's a nice Aerodyne semi.
I think its been de-fretted 'cos I don't think it came fretless as standard.* But other than that it looks gen.

Yum! Buy it!

*I may be talking outta my hat here. 8)
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I've definitely seen this before, and I'm tempted to say that I've only seen the semis as fretless. However, I've definitely seen them as fretless original. That's no defret - Japanese fretless necks of the mid 90s looked like that, and no dots or lines on the face of the fingerboard is another thing.
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Yeah that's legit, I've seen a few go on e-bay, I think they were Japanese special editions in the 80's and are pretty rare now.
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