just about the greatest horror movie ever. i bought it in china town and i think it was made in ireland but i dont know anyone other than me and some people i watched it with who have ever heard of it. post if u have
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I saw a test screening of it back in July.

Pretty average really. Predictable plot, unoriginal storyline, poor execution. Acting from the two leads was good though.
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When I read the title I thought It was about drugs or Mario.

isnt it? if its called shrooms the movie it has to be.
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uh, it was an entertaining, but rubbish film.
Not good at all. Saw it in the cinema too.
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It's alright. I guess.
Some parts were way too cheesy.
I'll probably buy it when it comes out like, but I've seen way better.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.