I am have recorded a track on audio city and now i want to record another one with that track in the background so i can play along with it.
Bassically i have recorded the bass bit and now i want to record the guitar bit but need to keep in time by listening to the bass.
Do you know what i mean?

How can i do this?

I dunno about you but I record most of my stuff(acoustic) with a mic and I can hear all the tracks I recorded from the speakers when i'm recording something above it.

Make sure you setup is right with your Zoom, and check the "help" in Audacity.

hope this helps
Are you using Audio City or Audacity? Don't know if there even is something called Audio City. But anyway, if you're using Audacity, go to Edit -> Preferences -> "Play other tracks while recording new one" (it's in Audio I/O). Hope that helps.
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If you can't hear the last track when you record the new one then it's your sound settings. You need to go to your control panel and then go to sound. You need to click your output device and make it the same as your recording device.