I was wondering on how to get a sort of vintage lo-fi sound, like it comes from an old radio or a telephone. I'm sure I saw the schematics somewhere online, but it seems like I can't find them. Do you know where I can find one?
I remember there was a rotary switch with some resistors (and a capacitor, maybe it was a simple bandpass filter?), but I can't recall the name of the stomp...
I was meaning an un-branded pedal (and did the Ibanez LF-7 have a rotary switch? )...
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I think it had a case that resembled a radio and the rotary switch positions were labelled something like 1970, 1974 etc.
It was called the "Vintage Radio Emulator". That dude's site is gone.
It was just a LoFoMoFo with an additional 2n2222 to boost the signal, and a rotary switch to choose between different input caps.

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Yeah, yeah! THAT ONE! Thanks so much dude. Do you have any schematics for it? Or how can I mod the schematic for the LoFo MoFo?
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I don't have the schematic, sorry.

Bascially, it's 2 lofomofos put together. The second lofomofo started were the output cap of the first would be (.01uf). Other then that just try different input caps until you find the sound that you like.
Want to see some strange devices of audio electronic mayhem ? Check out my site
It just says something generic, like "Low-Fi Pedal". I'm trying to load it, but the dial-up's not cooperating...

It's on 7/24/02 (date). "Low fidelity/telephone noise sound"
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Look here.
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Just get an EQ and cut out random frequencies until it sounds good the way you want it. I can get an awesome lo-fi sound on my 10band EQ.

Yea, take a fish and chips, and cute everything heavily, then knock the volume slider up.
Yeah, but with a lofi pedal thing you could use really ****ty transistors and other noise heavy components for that extra "crackly" effect.

Besides, what'd be better than a metal box with one knob labelled "suck," huh?
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