I bought one of these back in 1990. It was Washburns attempt at a PRS copy that got squashed due to licensing issues. Not a bad guitar, but not an epic guitar either. Mine came stock with passive washburn (el' cheapo) pickups...most came with EMG select, a poor knockoff Floyd Rose trem, and composite neck. The Wood was solid Mahogany.
Anyway decided to play with it, resurrect it so to speak. Ditched the PU's and bridge. In their place I used a Bill Lawrence 500 (1994 manufacture) at the bridge and a Dimarzio DP103 I had at the neck. I used an actual Floyd in place of the knock off. I wired it with a standard 3 way toggle, but added a kill switch and used a push pull to coil split the bridge. All of this was from parts I had laying in my "junk bin" so cost of this was $0. Anyway, the end result was pretty good. I have a guitar with a little tone now. the clean sound is loud and clear but more on the sharp side. The distortion tones are very bold and almost a good mid way between a strat and LP. Definitely not as warm as I would want, but that is largely due to the composite neck IMO. Anyway, its kind of fun to have a "new" old guitar to play with.
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