Hey everyone im a noob that started playing a couple weeks ago. I made a crappy mp3 of the intro to this song I heard a couple of weeks ago on the radio. I don't even know if it's the right notes but the way it sounds seems right. I don't know the name or lyrics or anything to this song, but I do know this small piece. It's killing me inside not knowing this song. I would love it if anyone could give me information on it.

Thanks much everyone.

It's neither of these sorry. Thanks for tryin' though.

This song is like a hard rock/metal song that was popular and was a frequent song played on 94.7 the zone here in Chicago a couple of years back around 2004 I think.
mmmm.... Intro to a metal song in acoustic? Not unheard of... Did it have distortion in the beginning?
yeah it did have distortion but I had to do it in acoustic as I'm still saving up to buy an electric