Right, well I'm in first year of sixth form doing my AS levels (I don't know what the equivalent is in the US). For upcoming coursework in English we have to produce a piece for a reading audience and a listening audience.

We're able to choose any topics we like pretty much, but the only thing that's a bit iffy is reviews apparently, but pretty much anything else is doable. Even something like a CD inlay is allowed.

This coursework has the opportunity to ACTUALLY be interesting and enjoyable, so it'd be really helpful if I could get some cool ideas of things to do.

Music is a number 1 passion of mine, so something in that field would be good. I have been contemplating the CD inlay idea for the reading audience, but I'm CLUELESS about what to do for listening.

Anyone got any really good ideas for either?
You could talk about music culture? Like how a genre's developed?

For my reading I did an article about tattooing and body mods. Just explaining what it's all about.

For my listening I did a monologue. Probably the easiest thing to do.
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For my reading I did a newspaper article on nuclear weapons and the stupidity of the renewal of the Trident nuclear programme.

For the listening I did a road safety talk for a group of primary school kids.

I wouldn't do the CD inlay, it seems a bit limiting and doesn't really give you a chance to show off with lexical fields, imagery and other rhetorical devices. Maybe an article on the history of a band or genre would work much better. For the listening, I think you should change the topic away from music, having both of your pieces on a similar topic is again a bit limiting and makes it seem as if you can only write on one thing, so I'd advise choosing a different purpose for the listening piece.
Aye doing a cd inlay would be way too limiting.

Also, yeah, try to change the audience and/or purpose completely for each piece.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.