I have never written lyrics for a song in my life, and this was done very quickly. I actually made some changes even as I wrote it from a notepad onto here. Critique is, of course, welcome.

It's more of a poem really, doesn't follow an intro - verse - chorus, etc structure.

Say 'no' and the train goes.
Isn't that what you said?
But I didn't have a choice,
Your sugar light, sinful voice.

Your shoes on the cold steps.
And the arm around your waist.
How I wish it was mine...

If you ever see me again.
Don't say hello.
It would break those threads,
That are holding me together.

Strutting out, I thought it would be me.
I couldn't accept that you would ever leave.
I underestimated you, and for that I'm sorry.
Damn your candle light, snow white voice.
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