Hello there,

thanks for taking the time to read this already .

I've written a song and I'd like to have some comments or even some advice on how to improve it .

There are some lyrics to them, but since we do not have a singer,
there aren't any included in the video you will see under this.

I have come up with both the Guitar and the Drums,
I am a guitarist, not a drummer, I tried to play some thing that gave me the right
feeling for the song, though it might suck .

Though it is messed up, this is our Best Take.
I had to ask my friend to play the guitar.

I am not part of a band yet, so I had to think of everything myself, sadly.

It is a bad quality vid.

But Enough of the excuses, I will link the video now.


I hope you could give good comments,
if it sucks, please tell me why it sucks and please try to tell me what I should to do improve it.

And yes, I had to do some silly dance in the start.

Thanks in advance,

not bad...kinda boring but then its not my kind of music so i wouldnt be a fair critic..