Sound and output level. PU designs are all about tones and power levels
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single coils on like a strat or telecaster have a different sound to say a humbucher like on gibson guitars, which is two coils in 1 unit

basically the second one is backwards, and it cancels out the hum.

they sound different is the simple answer
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whats a single coil?

So its basically just for sound? Does it have anything to do with where you should strum on the guitar?
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whats a single coil?

So its basically just for sound? Does it have anything to do with where you should strum on the guitar?

A single coil has only one line of pole pieces, look at a fender stratocaster or telecaster.
A humbucker has two, look at a les paul or most other guitars.
Different pickups are wired for diffeent tones. Those tones will also change depending on where you strum. It will be bright and trebilly closer to the bridge, or fat and warm if you strum closer to the neck
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may i help you? im 44 yo, as someone recs... and im restarting from the scratch; now im using much time "learning" my gears, id est guitar, coils, volume and tones, and amplifier.

i think that this is something like a sexual "kiss her all" situation, and not only a toolbox learning, but a nice pleasure too.

just try...
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The pickups are little magnets that transform the guitar string vibrations into a signal that gets sent to your amplifier & transformed into a note.

Different styles of pickups emphasize different tones and pitches.

Single coil pickups have a single coil of wire wrapped around a series of magnets. They are very sensitive to picking dynamics, but they tend to hum when other electrical equipment is being used nearby.

Humbuckers are two adjacent single coil pickups that have the polarity of their magnets reversed in order to cancel the hum associated with single coil pickups. They sound thicker than single coils.

Active pickups have a little built-in pre-amp that boosts the signal before it hits your amp. They are good for long effects chains and playing high-gain music without unwanted noise.

The pickup closest to your bridge will sound more trebly because it emphasizes the vibrations on a particular part of the string. The pickup closest to the neck will be a little bassier.

There's more to than this, of course, but that's enough to get you started.