Well, I have pneunomia...

Well, another random thing I must tell UG...
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That sucks. Get some good rest and I hope you get well soon.
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I feel your pain man. I am slowly recovering from a bout of it as I type. 3 trips to the hospital and concentrating on your next breath sucks.
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Sorry to hear it, take care.
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ugh. i'm sick, along with nearly everyone in my school. not sure if it's pneumonia as I haven't been to the doctor yet, but it is possible i have it since I've been sick for about a week
I have a melanoma and I am on a 2 week waiting list to get rid of it and I ll be free of it.


Im not worried because its only a small tumour and nothing serious. Once its removed I ll be fine.
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hope you feel better soon. i had it when i was 2, so i dont really remember anything about it.
I had it a few years ago, it really sucks. I remember after coughing I'd always get this awful burned rubber taste in my mouth....Also, be prepared to miss a good week or two of school (or work). Anyways, feel better.
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I had pneumonia for the best part of 4 months. Nearly died twice in my sleep from choking on vomit.

My doctor told me I had to sleep upright, otherwise I might risk "drowning" in my sleep.

Not fun at all, I was on all sorts of drugs.
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Get well soon.

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too bad, i have hade pneumonia 6 times. remember once you get it, you will get it more and more through your life, it almost ALWAYS comes back. it is miserable, but not this horrific disease some people think. just take it easy, play some guitar, watch tv, whatever, just get better man
I'm so sorry, excuse me for living,
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Oh, get well soon! I've had it twice, as well as bouts of bronchitis gah. Just take it easy and hope it goes away soon enough.
I'm sorry to hear that I hope you get well soon. Pnemonia sucks
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That sucks man. And I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself becuase I have tonsillitis at the minute.

Take it easy and hopefully you'll get well soon!