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Hey guys,

I plan on proposing to my girlfriend within the next few months/weeks.

I've decided that on the day I'm going to play her a little song, since I've always been to shy to sing in front of anyone except people whom I will never meet again. It will be symbolic. She'll love it, I know her. (She still goes on about that scene from Love Actually when the couple getting married leaves, only to find that a large number of the people in attendance have prepared a song for them - I can't really do something that big though).

So I'm left with me, of mediocre guitar and singing skill, but obviously with great conviction to the cause ! Her favourite band is The Beatles, favourite song changes every week, last week it was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

So guys, is there any advice you can give me ? What song should I play ? If you help me prepare in time, then I will put a video up on youtube for a few days so you can judge/offer feedback (I'm horrible at projecting my voice).

Thanks a lot guys

tl;dr : Proposing to girlfriend/gonna play her a song/what song/any advice ?

And before its suggested, no, she would not enjoy "I cum blood" or something along those lines.
Yeah Iris is a pretty good one.

Another quicker way to melt her heart would be too simply set her on fire!
I Cum Blood ftw!
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how bout hammer smashed face then, thats a love song
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I Cum Blood.

But seriously, I think you should decide. It would be more thoughtful, rather than playing a song some random from UG told you to do.
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From my experience, girls like a song you wrote yourself. They also seem to like narrative style lyrics as well...

That being failed, sing her "In My Life". It's a kind of proposal song...

Best of luck =]
Take her favourite song(In this case LitSwD) and arrange it for a single guitar.
try stringing a few easy to play chords together, and then writing a song based on your love for her, like how you met, things that have happened, and little inside jokes you have with each other.

will work better than any other pre-written song.

But make sure it's just you and her.

EDIT: or this :P:
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Don't be thoughtful. Play Iris. :p

No actually you should find something really original to sing. Clichées are a turnoff for anyone. A song like Iris can work if you're hitting on her, but you're past that obviously. A special occassion requires a special song. Maybe something that was played at a certain moment in your history, like at a dance or on the radio when you did "something" or stuff like that... You know, make her recall a time when you really hit a peak together.
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play her The Flame by Cheap Trick......that or Make It Wit Chu by QOTSA either one will work

which ever song you pick good luck man.

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It melted moi's baby!

You and you's baby have good taste in music Too bad I'm too much of a BJ-geek to do that to mine... had to do Iris
play a song you wrote... it's a unique event and you should make it special by singing and playing a song you wrote for your girl
Since she likes the Beatles play while my guitar gently weeps
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You and you's baby have good taste in music Too bad I'm too much of a BJ-geek to do that to mine... had to do Iris

lol thanks i ment it melted mine when i heard this song off youtube lol.

Thanks for the compliment though!
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If she has a great sense of humour, you could try

that would be awesome.
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play a song you wrote... it's a unique event and you should make it special by singing and playing a song you wrote for your girl

Look at some early Beatles stuff if she loves The Beatles, like every early song was a love song, there's some great ones, like If I Fell and Happy Just to Dance With You, or All My Loving perhaps?
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make one.

EDIT: maybe making a song that compiles all the good times youve had together?

The day I propose I might do something like this. Seriously, I think there's nothing more thoughtful than taking time to find a way to express yourself perfectly to the one person you love.
Babe I'm going to leave by Led Zepplin you, then when you finish get down on your knees and ask to marry you. If she doesn't appreciate the irony... you know what to do.
Obviously: The Bad Touch, by The Bloodhound Gang.
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maybe I'm amazed-Paul McCartney
Anyone else but you-The Moldy Peaches
I don't wanna miss a thing-Aerosmith

that's all I got right now

*speeds off to find corny music on his Ipod*
I'm sure country isn't your thing, but some of the best love songs i've ever heard were by country musicians. I would recommend the song "she's every thing to me".
RHCP- Hard To Concentrate

marriage proposal in the form of song ftw


Lovesong by the Cure would be pretty good too

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