Hey, I need some advice.

I've been playing 2 steps down a lot recently so I bought some 11-48 gauge strings, and they're fine. I'm just not sure if this will allow me to play in standard tuning or whether it will put too much tension on the neck.

Any advice would help, thanks.
I have .011-.049 on both of my guitars, with one in Drop C and one in E Standard. You should be fine.
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Ok good. Are they prone to snapping with the amount of tension or will I be fine with that too?
they are fine lol


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I use .11 for E standard because of the higher tension, i feel like .09s are too flexy, i like some resistance. for drop tunings I use .12s maybe .13s if i go any further down, 11s are harder to snap imo, just make sure the guitar is set up correctly for the extra tension
thats fine..i use Ernie Ball's Hybrid Slinky Acoustic custom gauge on my acoustic obviously and it's the top of line for ernie ball strings. .10, .13, .17, .30, .42, .52

for my electric i use Super Slinky custom gauge and its also top of the line. .09, .11, .16, .24, .32, .42.