i decided to go ahead stick with my Virb page, in spite of all you guys being oblivious to Virb.com lol.
and the other day my friend was like "do you know about Virb?"
and i was like "yeah..i actually have one..idk why"
and he was like "well i'm trying to get everyone to convert to Virb instead of myspace and facebook"


do it.
seriously, nobody cares
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Umm, advertising?

I won't report it, but don't be surprised if this is closed.
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yeh.. good luck because facebook is a beast and it would be hard to beat out
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Why is it that ever since myspace there have been half a million websites dedicated to being the same thing as myspace? If myspace is so popular and everyone has one I think it's pretty much useless to go through the trouble of making another account on a different website that does the same thing with less people.
...a what now?

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