We formed the band in order to enter a High School band competition. Now we're working hard and coming up with our own tunes. However, we do have a deadline (29.2.) and I really hope we can make it, this will require a lot of work. When we're ready we'll head for the studio to make our demo. The schedule right now is really hectic and has an urge to crush our dreams of making it to the competition on time, but we will try our best...always gotta try, no matter what...

We probably won't be making the deadline of 29.2., but luckily there are two others we're going to participate in...

Our stuff so far:

We already have the music, lyrics, logo, demo cover...but we're missing a crucial element: the name. If you can come up with somekind of name, we'd appreciate it very much.
Anyway, please give any kind of feedback (it's always welcome) and if you have guestions, just ask.

”Now all I can see is the changes we made,
it being too late to make them fade.
Why couldn't we just let it be?
Cuz now I feel the gods have forsaken me.”