When I change string gauge (from 9s to 11s) will I need to alter my truss rod at all? I know I'll need to change intonation, action and the tension on my floyd rose but I've never messed with my truss rod - so will I need to do that?
If so, what will I need to do to it?
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if you put a capo at the 1st fret, and fret the 14th, you can see the amount of relief/lack thereof in your neck by looking at the gap under the string at the 6th fret. i would make a mental note of how much relief is there, then put the new strings on, wait about 48 hours (or longer) for them to stretch and the neck to settle, then observe the neck again in the same way. if it differs significantly you might have to adjust the truss rod a bit.

If you happen to decide to do it yourself, make sure you read up a lot on the subject beforehand.
I went from 9's to 11's on my **** guitar and I need to adjust the bride so they dont buzz, but I dont think the truss rod needs to be adjusted. Everyone is different though...
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