i currently have a fender strat, am possibly considering buying another guitar by next year. i want this sort of thing, but the price is a bit steep. any suggestions that are similar? thanks
a bit steep?
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The Razorback DB is only about $450, but its only a solid color instead of having a crazy graphic on it. Maybe look at some ESP and Ibanez guitars.
just a razorback i guess, depends what u can afford tho, could get the standard cheap or usa, 255 or whatever really

if u want that shape that is
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you can get a Dean ML, or razorback cheaper, you just won't have the dimebucker onit. But dude that thing is awesome, going from a strat to a Dean, you're going to fall in love with the neck on the Dean. I have two, and play them more than any of my other guitars. If you're looking for a fast neck, get anything from dean, you will be very happy.
Are you made of money bro? If you can afford it and you like the feel/look/sound of the thing, then get it.