Have tried to read FAQs etc, so apologies if I skipped something and this question belongs somewhere else.

I basically got my gear delivered last Wednesday. I had been playing Classical since last year and it was pretty much the first time I sat down with an electric (gear is in my signature).

Anyway, I am enjoying it, but I can't get that...electric sound so to speak. I heard that turning distortion up or switching channels on the amp helps, but no matter what I try, my guitar sounds sorta acoustic.

It's hard to explain...

All my gear was brand new and though I tuned the guitar just fine, I don't know if it's "set up" i.e. do I need to mess about with the bridge etc?

Any info much appreciated.
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sounds acoustic huh. i myself am confused by that. what are your settings now on the amp?
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no dont mess with the bridge!
im guessing you mean you cant get od/distortion, and are stuck on the clean channel, turn up the distoriton and change to the second channel (if i mind correctly, onnly played the fender starter amp once)
but bear in mind you dont have a very good amp so it will be hard to get a good distorted tone
Use Distorsion channel, what you call "acoustic sound" is probably what we call "Clean sound" and that you call "Electric sound" is probably what we call "Distorsion/Gain/Overdrive"
^Erm yeah that's pretty much it I think.

I have the Gain quite low when I am on the second drive/channel...if I have it turned up high on that channel all I get is background fuzz.

I am guessing a better amp should be on the top of my shopping list regardless.
I am....making progress...
I think you've got a busted amp. The same thing happened to my 15G. The distortion channel just died on me, I was stuck with just clean tones. Identical problem from the sound of it. If it's still under warranty, you should get it replaced, but I recommend a better amp entirely.
Edit: I got it working. I wasn't messing about with the settings enough to my LP either. I have to turn the tone up quite high for the back pick up, switch to the second channel on my amp, turn the Gain up as far as possible before all I get is static, then tweak with the Drive Volume.

I can see where the amp falls on it's face, I will need to replace it soon enough...but at the moment it is ecstasy for my ears
I am....making progress...
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