Hey guys my band is looking to record an album's worth of songs during february vacation. Me and the other three members of the band want to record one track at a time using Cubase and have it professionally mastered. My bass player has most of the equipment we need for miking the drum set. My bass player wants us to record live in to his piece o **** fostex 4 track simultaneously in his basement. His basement is 15 X 10 ft and there are dimmer circuits in all the outlets that make all the equipment hum he insists that this is the best and easiest way to record and that i just want to record one track at a time to be "professional". One of the main reasons is he doesn't want to move his recording equipment to my drummers house to track the drums. I'm sick of ahaving ****ty recordings with hum buzz and noise in them and the only way to get around it is to record one track ata time. what should i do guys
buy your own cubase, and tell the bassist to get ****ed
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send him a link to this thread
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Well either way, you're not going to get the greatest of results. Don't waste your money on getting it mastered, because it is pretty clear you don't have an understanding of sound isolation, or any of the most important factors of recording. You can't just place a drumset in a bedroom, mic it, and expect it to sound fine. All of the imperfections of the room will come out in compression in the mastering process.

Remember, you can't turn a mediocre recording into something good just because it was mastered well. I strongly suggest you read a lot into it if you plan on recording yourselves. If you're using built in preamps, aren't mixing with properly isolated monitors, and are using half decent microphones, I would tell you that unless you're hugely into the recording field, it's not worth it. Just go to a studio.
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Personally I think the modern way of recording one track at a time makes most albums sound like sterile turd these days (oxymoron).

But then again his method isn't the best way either if his equipment is noisy.
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That's probabaly the most elitistic and ignorant comment ever. I feel sorry for the bassplayer in your band.

OnT: I'm pretty much in the exact same position as you are. We got a album worth of songs to record and need to decide to do it live or in studio. So far we have come to the conclusion that we'll do both alternatives, in some way or another. I personally feel it's easier to record live, you get more feeling to it and can add nice stuff that you can't do when sitting down recording in a studio. Of course, when recording track per track you can have more precision to it with metronome and such. I think it's up the entire band really. Majority of the votes win. Just ask everyone what they think.
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