I know how much UG loves hip hop! Anyway, please check out the song "Wicked Hard" on my group's myspace and be kind enough to crit it. Also, if you dig it, don't be too shy to add us as a friend!

I produced the beat and handle vocal duties on the chorus and the first verse. My friend Beau does the second verse.

c4c, of course.
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The music is really good. Quite a devious sound. Not a big fan of the string sound, though. Maybe it's a little loud in the mix. The verses all seem alright, maybe not as flowing as I hoped for, but it was in time and consistent. That type of Chorus really isn't my thing, the whole self-praise thing just seems odd to me in hip-hop. I'm more a fan of angry artists along the lines of Run-DMC or Public Enemy.

It's not brilliant, but at least it's not fiddy cent/other generic I'm a gangsta and I don't even have to rap, I just say words over the same beat that's in every other generic gangsta club song, and at least there are some cool musical ideas.

Good job.

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this is really cool! great flow and a pretty nice beat. I didn't really like the sound of the lead synth ( the waaooo waooo) but the distorted bass was great. Really good song.
Would be cool to do a colab with you and the MC.

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Nice sound...Somewhat mainstream gangsta, but also old-school too. The actual rapping I didn't like too much (maybe better mixing? boston accents? hah). Overall pretty good, love the beats, specially Layaway. Wicked Hard I didn't like as much though, prob the synth you used is one thing for that. Try mastering/mixing it some more and I think it could come out really well!

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wow dude way to think innovative. nice plan.
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that would be awesome if you saw it all the way through, good imagination

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The Chorus is a bit repetitive, maby if you threw a couple different lines in there instead of repeating the same lines over and over.

For example something like

From the front to the back
to the back from the front
it's wicked hard wicked hard

From my mouth to your ears
to your ears from my mouth
it's wicked hard wicked hard

The music and rhymin' is great tho. keep up the good work.
^ sublimical had a good idea, with switiching up the chorus, thatd be sweet

overall, amazing rhythm, had a very old school feel to it. good beat, good sample mix with the instrumentals in the background. this is the kind of rap that i think should be out more. i agree with some of the people above, the synth string sound i wasnt a fan of, the other instruments were good, i liked it. i also liked some of the faster rhymes u did in the beginning, that was pretty cool.

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dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

Thanks for the crits again! Just to address a few issues: I know that the string synth is super lame, but I've only got Garageband to work with here haha, give me a break . Maybe I should've used a different synth rather than the strings, but I didn't. Also: the chorus. I recorded that chorus kind of as a placeholder until something better was thought of, but nothing better was thought of, and we thought it was fairly catchy anyway. Sublimical does have a good idea, though, with switching up the lyrics for it.

Anyway, thanks for the crits!
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No offense, but your beats sound really fake. Did you use any samples at all? (samples make it hip-hop). Vocals have no flow period at all, lyrics are average, but there's no feel or grit at all in this tune... Sorry

I truly appreciate the honesty of your crit, so thanks for that. However I have to say that your comment about sampling has to be one of the most ignorant statements I've read here. Congratulations.