My friend has this starter-pack SSS strat copy thing, and just for the fun of it we are going to swap the bridge pickup to an Ibanez INF humbucker. He isn't concerned about how ugly it is going to look after we've made space for it, but what I'm wondering about is where do the wires go?

I haven't looked inside his guitar, but my INF has 3 wires: A relatively thick black one and two thin ones being two other colors. It isn't really easy to find any wiring diagrams for his guitar either.

So what do I do basically? There is room for trial and error here, but I don't want to hassle with it all day long either. I just want to ensure that I get full humbucking from it. I haven't swapped pickups myself on any of my guitars, but a guy showed me how to swap an INF to a JB, which is humbucker to humbucker, so I'm guessing it will be a little different.

support>>wiring diagrams.

the identitiy of the 'two other colours' would be nice too.

you'd get a better sound out of a new amp though.....probably
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^^ agree with stevo. probably a new amp woudl be better and more of a worthwhile investment.
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