Yeah...so my girlfriend's birthday approaches pretty soon, and I still can't think of any gift I could give her, so I would kinda appreciate your help on this one.
We've been together for nearly 3 years now and I feel like I gave her evertyhing I possbily could lol...
Can you guys think of anything (intelligent please) ?
p.s.: oh I don't really have any budget, I already spent more than 300$ for her last birthday, so I dont really mind spending this amount another time lol...
anyways, thxs in advance
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only you know what she likes. ask her? or take her on a weekend break somewhere?
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take her out on dinner, then go to a concert and spend the night on a hotel and buy a little gift, then u probably ask what gift, don't ask, I'm horrible to this stuff
shopping spree maybe? if shes that kinda girl?
something shes put to use? does she have a car? get her something for that like the seat covers and stuff, except go all out.
huge gift certificate.
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For my gfs bday I got her a couple of books, a CD a new belt and some other stuff I can't remember.

basically lots of small things you know she'll like

EDIT: and a purse, aha! not all boyfriends have **** memories!
Dick in a box?

Jokes aside, more info is needed. What is she into?

EDIT: Right on time, Powerhouse! Excellent work!
go away to a romantic place with her for a weekend
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buy her jewellery. something like a bangle or something. $300 should be more than enough.

$300? are you rich, or bat**** insane? unless the girl in TS's avatar is his girlfriend...
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