ok, so the story was that i had my mind set on getting some sort of condensor mic purely from hearing about the superior sound quality, and considered the MXL 990.
however, the other day i was just doing a bit of research and i realised it needs an external power source or something called phantom power.
i didnt really understand even after some wikipedia-ing.
could someone explain it to me as though i am four years old , and might it work if i use the XLR bit on my M-Audio Black Box?
Phantom power is where a mixer to something similar sends 48v to the mic. This is only for certain mics and you can usually switch it on and off
most condenser mics either take batteries or require phantom power (which almost all good mixers provide) , or take both. But yeah it just means that the mixer powers the mic, so if you dont have a mixer or computer interface with phantom power don't bother (unless you plan to buy one)


yes it goes through the XLR cable.
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your 4 years old?!?!?!?!
are you a genius or are you foreign and meant 14?
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I know in preamp applications, Phantom power is used to power the foot controller. Instead of plugging the source directly into the foot controller, you would power it through the 7 pin Midi cable. I would imagine your mic application is the same. You are including the signal path and a power source through your cable.
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<B>as though i am</B> four years old

i just meant that i wanted a simple explaination, in a sort of weird sentiment
Quote by led,rainsong
your 4 years old?!?!?!?!
are you a genius or are you foreign and meant 14?

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