I've had it for just under 2 years now but it's not really the guitar I want as it just doesn't suit what I play.
The guitar is in near perfect condition and i'll post pictures up if you're interested,
I'm looking for around £200, i'm willing to negotiate and i'm open to trades depending on what you offer me.

I live near Manchester, UK.

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I used to have this guitar as well, but i got rid of it because it didnt suit my style well either.... (i was looking for something more metal, so i got an ESP)

anyways, for everyone who might be interested, this is an amazing guitar...

it has a super cool bridge pickup that you can adjust to be a humbucker, or just single coil with the switch of your volume knob (it lifts up and down)...

plus this thing has a SUPER smooth neck.

highly recommended!

good luck on the sale!
Possibly, I'll need to check at the local post office, where abouts are you?

edit: i've just checked your profile (i'm such an idiot) I'll go to my post office and ask how much it would cost and get back to you soon.
i will buy it if i have the money.....GOD DANG IT I LIKE THAT GUITAR!!
I have one of them, i use mine for metal and i think its brilliant, the action is so low its good for shredding and sweeping. I wouldnt trade or sell mine, and id buy another if it was stolen. Just some good reviews ^^

Another thing is, it's by far the lightest guitar i've ever used. You wont get a sore back or shoulders like you would with a chunky B.C. Rich.
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