Please let me know what you think of the song FrankenCoast in my profile, it's a combination of two songs I wrote (Frankenstein and Coast). All drums are acoustica beatcraft, the guitar is my schecter C-1 with some cubase delay, and all keyboard and bass comes from a crappy keyboard that I wrang the hell out of with equalizers and effects.

Thanks a bunch,

Hey man,
I like the groove. The guitar tone is a little muddy with that heavy bass. But i do like what youre doing here haha. Its cool. I like the lead guitar off to the side like that. Really cool keyboard lines.
Really cool sinister organ type tone! wish it was louder, and nice guitar harmonies. I dig it man. Points for creativity.

crit mine?
I guess....I'm not very good with genres. I'm working on stuff right now that's more like dance oriented industrial metal