Recently our bass player quit our school's jazz band and I am filling in for him. I am borrowing my friend's Ibanez Gio bass, but I need to own my own bass in time for the summer because we are taking an exchange trip with a band in Germany.

My budget is about $200-$375 and I might be able to bend enough for a $400 bass.

What bass should I look at?
A used Fender MIM Jazz Bass is roughly around that price, and will be great.
Do you have ampiflication?
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I am using my school's Ibanez SW65 Bass amp right now, but I do not own my own amp.
Well if you are going stictly for a jazz band tone and that is your price range, I (against all of my good judgement) must also recommend a MIM jazz bass. I normally prefer a dual humbucker setup but in the price range you won't find much that will have the kind of versatility you need. So unless you can bump all the way up to $500 MIM jazz is my pick
What did you previously play?
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A new MIM jazz is $479.99. Highly recommended.

rondomusic.net is a good option. I got my Jazz bass, which I am in love with, from there. $115.

Also, check the Bass Forum FAQ, They have the 10 best beginner basses, most of which are in your price range.
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I would just get a regular squire jazz bass. Maybe you can ask the music teacher for suggestions.
If you cant find a used MIM(made in mexico) jazz bass from fender, then i recommend a squier vintige modified jazz bass.These basses rival the MIM jazzes in some cases and youll have some money left over for upgrades, like a better bridge,strings,Etc.
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Are SX basses good?