hello i am looking for songs that are easy to sing and play along on guitar with. i am hoping to build my coordination up so i can play hard songs and sing along with them, but for now i am just looking for easy songs..... please post if you know any thanks!
Blink 182- Dammit
Green Day
Brand New- Quiet things that no one ever knows

Enough to get you started!!!
wonderwall is quite an esay one
to start off with you need songs where the strumming patterns coincide with the vocal pattern
Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World.

Just up and down the whole time.
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ANYTHING NIRVANA!! i was singing and playing all there song within a month of learning guitar. They are extremly easy. Come on kurt could barely remember his own name.(im a big kurt fan dont worry) They are so easy we even played a couple covers at the concert a month of me playing.
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I don't suggest starting easy. Start with what you intend to sing with. I play jazz and tech death metal, so I had to pick up on how to play both coordinated with my singing. I started with the same mindset - easy strumming and playing songs but in truth it slowed me down in playing and singing what I wanted to play and sing.