I just bought my first guitar and started playing about 2 months ago. I am 23 and have noticed my fingers just do not want to stretch at all to play a B or a Bm. Is this normal for a beginner??? And does anyone have any help on finger flexibility or stretching???
it is normal. i had trouble with the same chord first when i started. i just came some how when i practiced alot, it's easy when you get the techinique
alright thanks man i am only able to practice about 7 hours a week, so i didnt know for sure. Makes me feel alot better! Its just frustrating to be able to play all the basic chords decent etc. and not be able to move on to that yet.
yes i know what you mean -^ it is really hard chord but i'm sure if you just keep practicing it will get more common : ) Good luck!
How are you trying to finger it?

YOu should lay your first finger across the entire 2nd fret(first 5 strings, with the tip muting the 6th string). Then for B you lay your third finger on the 4th fret for strings 2-4. I can't bend my finger enough to get the high e to ring out, but that is perfectly fine. For Bm, you form the Am shape with your other 3 fingers. Shouldn't be that hard really.
well it may be easier playing it as a bar chord which is like and e with you 3 last fingers and you first covering the netire fret for b it would be en from 9-8 and finger covering 7th. for a bm take the finger on te 8th fret off.
just keep trying, I had trouble with a Bm too but it will come naturally the more you use it.