So i've been playing guitar for a couple years now but I got serious this year. I'm in eigth grade. I can play stuff like Tears in heaven but I can't read music. I just started lessons to help me with reading and theory. Do you think if I practice hard enough I could go to music college? Because I know there are alot of people who have been seriously playing from very young ages.
where do you live?
I got into music college on a two year playing course with no audition (not that i think i would have been rejected if i had one) and there are awful musicians on my course.

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o ya definetly dude, if your taking lessons and getting serious now, your off to a great start. I started playing saxophone in the 5th grade and started taking private lessons in the 7th grade (when I also started playing bass guitar). now im in 11th grade and am taking a college level theory course and im top of the class. this is the best desicion you could make if those are your future plans. rock on dude
You're starting at the right time. Now, it depends on what kind of path you want to take, but most university level programs require an audition that has you playing classical or jazz at an advanced level (like high-end conservatory stuff, etc.), an ear test, a theory test, and perhaps even an interview.

Good idea, learning to read. You won't get in anywhere with any credibility without learning to read. Well... maybe an introductory program, but not a degree, full diploma type program. Call around to colleges/universities in your area to see what they want. Never too young to start.

I wish I started sooner. It wasn't until I was in grade 11 (Ontario went up to grade 13 at the time) that I decided against accounting or engineering and decided on music instead. When I found out what was ahead of me, I had to work like a demon to get there.

You're in grade 8.... awesome.... by the time you get to grade 11, you'll be smokin'.

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