looking for some insite on what i should get for pickups. i have a dean dime o flame right now with the stock pickups in it but its just not the sound that i want, i guees im looking for a little dirty sound an the stockers are just to clean of a sound. guees the sound that im looking for is something like zakk wylde.

im looking at emgs 81 an 85. is this my best choice. i know that alot of you are going to say that you need more info from me to realy say what would be right. but im not realy impressed with the clean sound that the dean is giving me,an i dont want to buy another guitar so im tring to make this work. well thanks for all your help.
The amp you're using is really going to make a difference, so we WILL need that information.
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im using a peavey 212 valve king right now but am looking to go to a marshall half stack soon
the stack that im looking at buying is the jvm410c or the krank rev100hd. still not sure yet but i think im goin with the marshall 410c.
if you really want EMGs, but want decent cleans, keep the 81 for the bridge, but stick a 60 or 89 in the neck.
I think that the set you're planning to get is a good one seeing as I use one myself. Those EMG's really have a bite, and playing artificial harmonics will be much easier much easier.
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where are you in the world?

if you're in the UK, i can suggest some really nice pickups.

conversely if you're in the USA, there are bound to be better-value halfstacks than that jvm.

of course if you're elsewhere, that'll affect things too.
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