Hey guys, I'm trying to record my guitar on the computer. When I plug my guitar into my Zoom G2.1u effects petal, I output the petal to the line-in in my computer. But the audio quality is so bad. Then I try connecting the petal to the usb in my computer, and the audio quality is still very bad. It doesn't sound anything close to the sound that comes from my amp when I play. Anyone know how I can get a clear and accurate sound to record on my computer?
Eh, I tried recording on the computer and though it is possible to get decent audio quality with the right hardware (which tends to be somewhat expensive) your best bet is probably to get a cheap multi-track recorder, then transfer that to your computer for editing if need be. Fostex and Boss make some good ones.

I have Fostex' MR-8 (first edition) and it treats me well.


This is the same price as the regular mark II but you get a ton of accesories for free
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Hey thanks. Is there any other option (hopefully a cheaper one, maybe under a hundred bucks)?
That's any good? Not very likely. As far as digital recorders go, thats a pretty dang good price. What the mark II has that I really wish mine had too is the usb port for jumpdrives. I mean seriously, how cheap is a 1 gig jump drive these days? Not to mention the fact that the jump drive can be used easily with computers for other forms of data storage. But noooOOoo, I'm stuck with a 512 mb flash card :-p

My advice would be to save up, because I sure plan to upgrade when I get the chance.
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A line6 toneport might be ust what you needed. You can plug your pedal into the interface, or just use the modelling software.

I've heard some positively fantastic tracks with the toneport software, as well as guitar rig.
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UGH! Line6 makes some great products but the toneport and guitarport (ESPECIALLY THE RIFFWORKS SOFTWARE!) is all junk.