Mine has it too and it's got a slightly different design as well.
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They just came out with it, as they don't have it on most online sites yet. I got one from local music store.
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Alot of Epi amps have Eminence speakers, like i think the So Cal cab has 4 eminences, and so does the VJ cab.
it's got 3 speaker outs for 4ohms, 8ohms, and 16ohms on the back, not that i know much about this but i think the previous ones only had the one. does it sound better after some playing time?
Quote by the.spine.surfs
Any other modifications? This seems interesting.

You mean that Epi did? They changed a few things in the circuit. R1 is 1M now so it has higher input impedance and R8 and R9 are 1.5k instead of 2.2k. The OT is now the proper 5.2k as well. Those are the changes in the V3 head, I imagine the combo got the same treatment
one more question unrelated

i am getting hum from it, but when i put my hand to the cable where it plugs into the guitar, the hum goes away. how do i make a home made human noise gate?
Thanks, Whole Lotta Led. I kinda hoped they would have done some more notable improvements, to compete with the Blackhearts.