well the title says it all... im wanna buy a new multifx pedal so im between these two:
Boss GT-8
POD Xt Live

what should i get?
ive heard the gt8 is great but its very hard to get a good sound
ive also hears that the xt live has a lot of downloadable presets online but its amp simulators would kill the tube amp tone of the vk...
so help me choose here... i appreciate it...

and btw, if ure gonna recommend me a pedal different from these two... please dont recommend me something above $500 please
It's not that hard to get a good sound from the GT-8 (I've got one). You just need to take some time to learn what you're doing to the sounds with the EQ's, gains, and all the other parameters. Don't stay clear of it just because it takes some elbow grease.
i have the pod xt live the presets u can download aint that good but its very easy to create ur own sound so whatever suits u
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Get the GT-8. Use the 4 Cable Method to put the preamp of your VK in the send/recv loop and get your crunch tones from there. Put dirt pedals in there too.
The downloadable patches for the pod are sketchy to say the least. But only as they were created using various amplification. Odds are any patches you download wont sound how the creator intended as you will inevitably be using differnt amplification with differntly voiced preamp, eq and speakers.
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