Hey guys,

I'm new here and I have a question.

Could any one tell me the name of this model?

(click to enlarge)

Thank you very much

The guitar model is an Epiphone PR-5 Jeff "Skunk" Baxter model.

Would anyone be kind enough to tell me it's value?
I was offered 550$ for a used one.
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not sure but it looks quite nice, lol i never seen a 3 pin output befroe on a guitar very iteresting and useful atchally
wow, yea. i was about to say that. i've also never seen an XLR cable output from a guitar before. you could connect directly into a PA system without a direct box i would assume.
yeh you cna put it striaght to a PA system, better sound quality alot of the time also, and also they dont fall out as it clips in so its more reliable for gigs ect, i dont see why they arnt used atchally, cuase u can have cables which change to 1/4 inch anyway for amps, just more stable,,, although saying that a huge XLR output on your guitar would look stupid if its not an acoustic
Most Ibanez electro-acoustics actually have a XLR output I think.

I'm sorry, I don't know what model that is, but it sure is one fine looking guitar.
This is an Epiphone PR-5 Jeff "Skunk" Baxter model. I'm not sure what year it is. If you look closely at the twelfth fret, there is a skunk inlay which was unique to this model. Today, Epiphone carries a similar model called the PR-5E but without the skunk inlay or the artist signature. Skunk Baxter used to play for the Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan but now is working as a defense analyst and consultant to US Congressmen on Military defense and national security issues, mostly in the area of missile defense.
^--- correct.

and xlr outputs aren't really that uncommon on acoustic-electric guitars. there are plenty of preamp systems from plenty of manufacturers that include an xlr output. also, you don't need an xlr to plug into a PA system. most PA systems have inputs for both xlr and 1/4" cable.
hmm, for most of the PA systems i've used, i need to plug into a direct box, which i hate doing because im lazy and that's extra work when i clean up, ahaha. the PA system at my church, however, has the amp plugged to a direct box, but often times they turn us down on the system, which i hate because you cant hear anything loud enough...
Does anyone this guitar's value?

I was offered 550$ for this one

(Epiphone PR-5 Acoustic/electric Jeff "Skunk" Baxter signature model)

i would just keep it personaly lol but i duno yeh about 700bucks maybe i dunothe converstion from pounds so not sure

I bought one of these in Feb of this year. Had been looking round for a good quality electric/acoustic, and had narrowed it down to a 'Crafter' and this one. This was much better quality of sound, and had been used professionally before. It did take some time to get familiar with, may have been me, or the fact that it had been 're-set', but now I'm luvin' it. Cost me £240, which I was, and still am, very happy with. I would recommend it. I haven't used the three pin, although I know about it.