what combo of seymour duncans should i get for metal, rock and blues running through a peavey valveking212? i would be putting them on epi les paul standard

thanks for advice guys
that's pretty broad, did you have any models in mind?
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i have read a lot of good things of 59s
and alnico

i am really just looking to upgrade my stock pickups on my epi les paul standard
check their website and see if they have a selector option. If not go to dimarzio's website, they do have one. If you are hell bent on Duncans (which is fine, they rule) check out what dimarzios it tells you and then go to the seymour site and compare what models of duncans do the same thing as the dimarzios the site brought up
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
the SD 59 in the neck will sound amazing in that guitar. Great for smooth, clear leads. As for your bridge you want a well rounded PU to play the different styles you name. personally for that in a Seymour i like the screamin demon. It has a rich harmonic distorted tone with tones of gain, but can back off and have a nice clean fat tone for light distortion of clean channels.

Another opinion. Don't limit options. SD's are great pickups, but there are MANY great PU's. DiMarzio, Bill Lawrence, Gibson, Mighty mite, etc. Hell, I have a guitar that I had a KMD stock PU that sounded better than a much more expensive SD simply because it was the right amount of resistance in the winds for the wood of the guitar. They were just a match. Just an opinion.
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If you go dimarzio try a Breed, but if you go duncan im gonna say get a custom 5 for the bridge.