I feel like really getting into a few new bands now, just to broaden my horizons and to draw inspiration from for songwriting...

One of the bands I've always liked are Duran Duran, mainly hearing of them through my dad's old tapes which he still keeps, and the infamous Bond song

I was just wondering if you guys knew of any really noticable material from them before I go out and buy some albums..I know Red Carpet Massacre has just came out a few months ago and it's received really good ratings from various sources...

Another is The Beatles..I already feel ashamed I haven't appreciated these guys enough, I've only really heard a few songs...Eleanor Rigby, Yesterday, etc.. so I need some recommendation's of what to buy from them too..

If you guys know any bands similar to Duran Duran, y'know that kinda 'synth' type band, 'A View To A Kill' is a perfect example of what I mean for 'synthy', then please let me know
David Bowie should fit that whole theme so I might buy some of his albums...

Also any industrial stuff you guys might know of too, similar to Nine Inch Nails, OOMPH!, Ministry...

just get reccomending!

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