ok my friend has a used on for 35 and i was wondering if these are anygood. He said they dont cut out and they have an alright range. But i was just wondering if anyone else has used on of these before.

I'd be very careful of cheap wireless kits, they tend to have a bad reception and crackle a lot which isn't very pleasing to the ear!!
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yeh you are better spending the money on a fantasic cable, or saving up alot like a hundred or so for a very good wirless
Wireless systems are pretty much a bad choice unless youre spending a lot of cash on it. Unless you like a ton of tone loss, hiss, and crackling, just use a longer cable.
hmm my friend used his live at a school show and went off the stage and sat by my principal in the first row lol. but he said it was good. He is going to let me try it out thogh so i'll try it.
I am sure that it is crap. Dun buy it...
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Actually Audio-Technica, Shure, Sennheiser, Sony, and Beyerdunamic all make really good wireless units all for under $400 or so. You dont have to spend over $500 to get a good wireless unit.
alright im getting to try it out and i'm going to run some test to see. anyone got any good ideas for a test to run?
The Nady's that I have used in the past were good for eaves dropping on wireless phone conversations, but not so good for playing. We used to leave it on and laugh at other people having conversations.
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for wireless tests:

- Set a good tone on a wired connection then switch to wireless and compare.

- Walk away from your amp while playing and find out the point in which it starts cutting out at to make a note of it.

- Try turning some wireless phones or cell phones on around the house and see if they mess with your guitar wireless...cheap wireless will most likely have a big problem here.

I'm sure theres other tests out there but those should get you started.