It is supposed to preparing our young youths for the real world, but school is anything but the real world. They have so many stupid rules that dont relate to anything in the real world. Maybe its because the students arent mature enough to handle it.

Like teachers call parents over stupid matters. It does nothing other than piss off my parents and i get to be scolded at when i first walk in the door.

Like take for example today i was discretely listening to my ipod in class while working, not talking to any one, just being quiet doing my work while listening to music...how is that a big deal? So my teacher comes up to me and see me listening to it and told me to give it to her (so she can send it down to the office and make a bigger deal out of it than it really was).

So i didnt give it to her, instead i just ignored what she said and put it away while continuing to work blocking her out. She calls my parents and decides to tell them the story and that i am always tired (which i am but its only second period). My parents already think im doing drugs so that didnt help.

Its like in the real world no body gives a **** if you listen to an ipod when you have free time in the office while doing your work like i was doing in class, same goes for college. Its just school is annoying, and it is anything but preparing the youth for life. The only thing i can think of how it prepares the youth is it gets them in the habit of waking up early and doing **** then dont want to do.

I mean dont get me wrong i think getting an education is incredbly important, but not the way school does it. All they do is teach the test and only tell students the information they need to learn to pass the test. Its depriving kids of a true education, and learning true knowledge. One of my teachers told me that if you want a complete education you have to do research and find different aspects of time periods your self, and that they teach biased views and points of social time periods.

I just hate the educational system we live in now days...its riddicious.
It's sugar coated cause there is a rant like this everyday...and then the person ranting does nothing bout it but just keep ranting...nothing to improve the said situation...just a way to make it more depressing...

So thanks for ranting about garbage

/leaves thread
make a punk band and write hate songs about your teacher.

that's the only way you'll make a difference
Yes, my school is a joke. It's just a holding pen for kids that act like they're 8 years old.
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yea last week me and my freind kyle were in the bathroom at school and this kid was takin a **** so we decided to make a piss arch over the stall and onto his face...it was priceless
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make a punk band and write hate songs about your teacher.

that's the only way you'll make a difference

Schools sucks. Do something about it, or deal with it.
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