Sorry i have not posted in a while. i will hopefully make my track soon.

Must be around 2 minutes.
Submitted by: until there is 5 people

The recording quality will not effect your score. A panel of three judges will judge.

Must be a single track, so no editing (other than eq and stuff like that), or pro tools.


1. moody07747
2. Scott Jones
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Ok my track is done, not one of my greatest but I am very happy with it...as I said, I normally don't solo so its something new for me...

The track is in my profile:
"UG Drum Solo"

Genere: drum solo/rock/pop
- Parradiddles
- Double bass
- One handed rolls on snare
- Tom drum rolls
- Snare rim shots
- Cross stick on snare
- and a crash choke

I also think its quite clear how little I play double bass haha
I use a cheap $100 pedal on my kit and its hard to get going with it and so this was one of my better playing days with that...
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I want in.....

EDIT: moody that was hot dude, didn't know you play that well.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
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ok just post your solo and your in. quality doesn't matter. I don't want to be a hipocrit.
@%$@#%#$% I just found this but I won't have access to my drums until Sunday nooooooooooo
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@%$@#%#$% I just found this but I won't have access to my drums until Sunday nooooooooooo

ok how bout i change the dead line until we get 5. 1 will be me. and one is sonic orb studios guy. so 3 spots.
Is this thing still going on?

My entry is on my profile.

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yea its still going on, we need more people to enter, and its going slow....

we need more traffic, im going to listen to your solo now Scott

I would have enjoyed it more if you were in a steady beat at the beginning, went into the solo, then finished with the beat again but none the less it was a great solo.
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Great solo Scott. I love how you talk about yourself in the third person on your profile as well.

I'm not gonna be abe to do one (would be crap anyway) but maybe next time I record with my band I could ask the drummer to bust one out. Mightn't be for a while though.
sweet contest! scott sounds like he's got this one, but i'm gonna see if i can whip something up i'm happy with by tomorrow
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So far we only have two solos entered, (moody07747 and Scott Jones)

Something tells me a drum based board would be a better place for this type of comp...being that theres not many drummers here.

But this comp is still running everyone so if you can get a solo in it would be great.
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Can I enter?


At this point we only have two solos, mine and Scott's so we need more before the judges can do anything.
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I don't have anything to enter, but I'll comment on this for the hell of it, just because I love a good drum solo.

Moody's was good, and I liked that he started off with a nice beat (loved the hi-hat stuff, by the way), but the tempo was all over the place in some parts, and some of the faster fills got away from you a bit. Scott's was crazy and amazing technique wise, but a little too samey and full-on for my tastes, it was a bit too long for a crazy drum solo, could've used some little rhythmic sections to break it up a bit. Nick Dixon's was also really good, I liked a lot of the stuff he was doing, but his ride was really noisy and brash so I couldn't hear a lot of the stuff he was doing.
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yeah theres loads of gohost notes and ruffs in mine, you cant hear them at all because my big ride cymbal just distorts the camera mic!, it is very loud!, and if i told you im TAPPING the ride, not hitting it.
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wow totally forgot about this... my recording gear is elsewhere at the moment so ill try recording it with my zoom H4 if it's still kicking around the drums Thursday.
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In Soviet Russia, song copyrights you!
i love to solo but dont feel like recording it

maybe ill get around to it
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