I almost bought a Onyx Satellite today, but I found a lot of reviews from people saying that they had problems with drivers and/or a very annoying whining sound coming from the unit or the computer when they were using theirs. Also, some people claimed that the phantom power was not what it claims to be.

I really don't plan on doing crazy good quality recordings, but I don't want something that's unreliable.

Dave, I've seen you suggest them before to many different people; have you experienced any of the problems that I've mentioned?

Or can anyone else recommend it or a better unit for $200? It doesn't have to be firewire, but the Satellite seemed like the best deal for under $200.

I'd be recording vocals, bass, and guitar pretty much all from a mic.
Ive not used one myself but at another board I go to all the time I have heard a ton of great reviews on it. I also have heard the phantom power isnt a full 48V on it though.

It doesnt work with vista yet so youll need to run XP but other than I would get one myself if I had the money set aside.

Worst that can happen is you don't like it and so you have to return it...
If you want another choice theres the PreSonus FIREBOX which is $100 more but its got a slightly higher review than the Mackie.
That'd be okay; I'm running XP on this desktop.

I seem to hear many mixed reviews on it. I've read some where people love it and wouldn't trade it for anything; and then some people where they hate it and would never buy one again.

I guess that's standard when it comes to recording; someone might hate something that another person loves.

I'm fairly new to recording, so I don't think I could tell the difference between good and bad preamps or anything. Just as long as it works.
yea I think its driver issues most people have trouble with, In Tweaks guide it mentions how hard drivers are to make and they dont work for every single computer out there. Some work better than others but if you have a piece of hardware in your PC it doesnt connect well with you will have troubles.

It's probably best to buy it and try it out for yourself and if it doesn't work out too well you can always return it for something else. I believe thrice_removed owns this Mackie interface as well and he has not complained about it yet.
The Mackie drivers are far superior in most cases to those of Presonus. In the developer world presonus is loathed as having some of the worst firmware and drivers of any company out there, which is extremely unfortunate as they make some amazing hardware. Point in case - I just returned a Presonus Firestudio Project as the drivers/firmware were the biggest piece of crap I have come by in quite a while. Pretty soon I will post a detailed write up of all of this.
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