My jackson dk2m needs a little work.
first of all, the lfr just isnt keeping tune, will an ofr be a direct drop in for it?

I also need a new pickup.
Im playing in drop B and need lots of low end, and clarity.
What do you recommend? Id like to sick with passive as well, just because I dont really want to mess with the wireing.

Annnddddd. If you can stear clear of saying Lundgren or bareknuckles, as they might be too spendy with our currency being crap right now. But if its the end all be all for what I need, ill do it.
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I have a dk2m too, amazing guitar, but yes, after awhile the LFR does get a little annoying. An OFR is a direct swap, however when I put an OFR in mine, it was wayyyy off, set-up wise. I'm pretty good when it comes to setting up Floyds, and even I opted for having a tech do it. It's well worth the ~$70 you'll pay the tech.