Hey everyone, well the problem is that everytime I move my roland cube 20x It always changes different sounds. I mean by, I put headphones on when I play mostly and everytime I move it always gets a different kind of tone..Like one day could be pretty distorted and nice overdrive and one day can be less distorted and little bit overdriven..
is it still coverage?
if so I suggest getting it replaced.

these cube amps are basically controlled with a computer inside being all digital...
I cant see any reason why your tone would change if you moved the amp around a little. I guess the speaker could be loose or there could be a cold solder joint somewhere but youll never know of you dont have a look for yourself.

but if its still covered keep it closed up and send it in.
I had it a while now...probably my ears are playing me or something. I don't know.
thru headphones, amps sound more dynamic.

not sure if that's what you meant tho.

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