Yeah so I was playing my old Fender Silverface Champ today (not the reissue) at band practice today. I use two amps in unison so i can cut through for now until i get a a Traynor YCV-40 . Anyhow i was playing along with my fuzz on and halfway through i heard the sound flicker a bit. So I look over at the amp and then the pilot light flickers as well and then well the whole just stopped working and turned off. Soon bad smelling white smoke started coming out. The amp wouldn't turn back on . I wasn't even playing that loud the volume was only on 5 (our singer forgot the mic so we had to practice quietly) however the output of the Monsterpiece fuzz was up 3 quarters and this thing is loud. Do you think the fuzz blew the amp from too much input? I doubt it though i've pushed it much harder before. So anyways when i go home i check the amp out. I had extra tubes so I changed them out and still no sound. However what I did notice was that the power tube smelled the most of smoke . So i'm asking you UG, what the hell is wrong with my amp? If anyone has any ideas on how to fix/diagnose the problem/or know what the problem might be please feel free to post.

Thx in advance