there's a slight noise coming from my amp (vox ad15vt), which varies on how loud it is depending on what "mode" it is in. im pretty sure its not the cable, because noise isn't audible on my bass amp. even with the knobs turned all the way down, i can still here it. the sound is like a static sound or air-like sound? any advice?
maybe somthing with the input jack, does it cut in and out?
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does it only make the noise on the higher gain channels?
like, the higher the gain the louder the sound?
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nope, just a light noise that steadily comes out, depending on what setting it is, regardless of how high or low the knobs are set. but the sound isn't audible when i start playing.
if youre talking about the knob that selects which amp to model (the one on the very left), it varies. some are louder than others.
Are you using a Stratocaster or other single coil guitar by any chance?
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nope. i'm pretty sure it's the amp. i was just wondering if this noise was normal or not.
with passive pups, singles especially, no noise gates, and a bit of gain that's completely normal.

i don't know much about that amp but if it's got a compressor, of if you've got a compressor pedal, turn it off.