Hi all

I have recently bought a Vox Ad50VT and so far am loving it. Have also been listening to a few albums that I havent listened to for a long time and have, for some reason, really got back into the Strokes.

Can anyone recommend a decent setting for their stuff?

It's a great amp isn't it!

Not sure bout exact settings. I would go with probably the AC30tb setting, if you feel you need more juice try the Uk80s or modern. Those are pretty much the 3 amp settings i use in general actually. I would say gain at 7 or so on the ac30 and maybe a little less for the others.
Treble, should be relatively high. I think they have a solid amount of mids as well in their tone. And bass a little lower, 5ish maybe? You could probably work around that roughly, but I don't play too much strokes stuff anymore.
www.valvetronix.net would be a good place to start.
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yes, this would be a good start, but there is no setting on that site for the strokes

I'm also looking for a strokes setup on an ad50vt..so help would be great