ok well my friend has a standard mexican strat. and i got mine over christmas. the headstock also says made in mexico but it was previously used, keep that in mind. so yesterday i took it over to his house and as soon as he played it he said it was a highway one because the tone was better than his and because on the back behind the case u take off to change your strings, there are five springs instead of three which he thinks makes it a hghway one. but it says made in mexico on the headstock! it was used and the headstock could have been changed but im not sure. if it was changed...how can u tell? and have there ever been any mexican made highway on models?

He's just wrong. Highway One's are American, and say "Made in USA" on their headstocks.
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This topic is full of fallacy

You have a Fender Mexican Stratocaster.
If yours sounds better than his, his is a knock off.
If he has a legit Fender Mexican Stratocaster he's deaf. There should be only the most miniscule disctictions.
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all of you shut up, or i swear ill turn this car RIGHT AROUND!!!!!


damn. i was never good at magic tricks.
yeah and 3 or 5 springs doesnt have anything to do with where it's made.

it's easy to add or take them off depending on how you like ur bridge.

edit: HW1s have different finishes too by the way.

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5 springs does not equal a Highway One. That's my two cents
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well you don't just change the headstock, you change the whole neck. And I highly doubt anyone would change a highway 1 neck for a MIM neck. Methinks your friend's dumb. It could be that your MIM strat is a lot older, and they started making them differently, but it isn't a highway 1, trust me.
nah you dont have a highway

keep in mind that noone can be consistant in making a guitar, even when everthings all mass produced and worked down to a science

also keep in mind that fender makes many different MIM strat models w/ diff price ranges

Ive played MIM strats that compete with american made ones costing twice as much and ive played MIM strats that were worse than some squiers

yea mine is older. myabe it just does have a better tone because its older.
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yea mine is older. myabe it just does have a better tone because its older.

amps usually play a bigger role in tone than guitars. were you using the same amp to compare them?
yup exact same one. its kewl though cuz hes really good but my guitar kicks his guitar ass