i posted something about high music but most of the songs were like trippy i just want some nice happy mellow tunes to listen to while high like the great gig in the sky by pink flyod
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the first thing that came into my head seeing the title was Dark Side Of The Moon, but obviously that's not needed.... um... some old beatles? Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, The Byrds, The Doors, the Eagles, Skynyrd, some Pearl Jam.... any of those work for ya? a lot of older music fits that description.
get some G.L.M. stands for Giraffe liberation movement. its not "trippy" its mellow reggae. i love it even though i dont smoke
David Gilmour's "On an Island" album.
it's excellent
I plays guitars.
i like listening to the White Stripes while stoned...
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black keys
cornerstone roots
queens of the stone age (slower songs)

this is what i listen to when i'm high.
King Tubby

Some dub for ya.
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Jack Johnson, G. Love, and 9 Mile.
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